Day 8

Today is actually Day 9, and I’m trying to remember what happened yesterday, and just what kind of day it was. So you can guess what kind of day today has been. I have not slipped back off the wagon. I still feel a lot calmer, generally, than I did two weeks ago. But I’ll also report (or the kids can, or maybe the guy who wouldn’t move his van out of the intersection in front of me for the entire length of the green light today can) that my ability to get angry and frustrated is just as keen as usual.

So let’s think about the claims many people make when they go off sugar, understanding, of course, that it’s been a week.

  1. Am I sleeping better? Unable to assess. Bitsy is an ardent nursling, so I am not, in fact, ever actually sleeping.
  2. Am I more focused? Unable to assess. I might be more focused, but three-year-old Boo’s current kazoo obsession is a little hard to tune out. His rendition of “If Livin’ Is Without You” is hardcore. Possibly life-changing.
  3. Is my skin more clear? Unable to assess. I have clear skin already. I honestly think it’s because I don’t wash my face or wear make-up. But on second thought, perhaps the underlying laziness has more to do with it. My epidermis, like the rest of me, is too lazy to break out.
  4. Am I more radiant? I have had a string of good hair days this week. Does that count?

Am I bursting with energy? No. See question 1. But two people have noticed in the last 48 hours that I have lost weight recently, so that puts a little spring in my step. Coo.

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