Day 9: The Arlington Bears and Too Much Halloween.

(This post was written on Friday, Oct. 27th. We’re not at Halloween yet!)

Tonight from my desk, only some studding and two layers of sheet rock from my children’s beds, I was beset by the screeching of the marooned souls on the other side. How DARE we put them to bed? What is this, Alcatraz? “We don’t care that the sun is down! No you can’t convince me that I’m tired just because I’m screaming and sobbing! Get in here and read me another book!”

They were not so articulate, but they will be. They will be. I am waiting for the day Bear catches on to the great phrase I used to use against my mother whenever she irritated, chastised, or frustrated me: “I’m gonna put you in a home!” By 5th Grade I realized she had a fear of dying alone and of institutions. I was terribly cruel.

I could say that tonight’s meltdown was related to sugar, but I don’t know by how much. We went to a Halloween party today; we being Brett Favre, Glinda the Good Witch, Bitsy and I. Bitsy was supposed to be replaced by Thing 3, but her costume is apparently on a slow boat from China. And yes, Boo requested and received the official NFL Packers costume this year, with the iron-on numbers. (I don’t normally do expensive store costumes, but it’s the third year in a row he wants to be a Packer, so I figure he’s earned it.) And he wants to be the number that he’ll be on his next birthday: four. So he’s apparently going as a young Brett Favre. A very, very young Brett Favre.

Anyway. The kids did well at the party. I told them they could each have one cookie, and as far as I know nobody snuck more when my back was turned. I had a nice time chatting with other moms from my MOMS Club Chapter, and was pretty pleased with my cheeseball and the green pepper strips I served along with it. Yes, I brought the cheeseball and the cheese head to the party, but they usually go together anyway, don’t they?



And oh! Best find of the day! Montezuma’s 100% Cocoa Absolute Black with Cocoa Nibbs (I am not making this up) was FINALLY back at my Trader Joe’s! I got six bars. Completely bitter, delicious, 0 sugar chocolate bar. It might be cheaper to eat unsweetened baking chocolate, but it wouldn’t feel so posh. I highly recommend it. I’m going to drown my sorrows in some right about now.


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