How was Halloween, anyway?

Is it conspicuous that during an attempt to reduce the carby footprint of my family, I take a two-week hiatus from writing after the biggest FREE SUGAR holiday of the year? No, of course not! Life is hectic when you’re keeping kids from candy bowls. And, you know, just keeping them alive in general.

Halloween was a blast. It’s adorable watching their excitement as they fly around the neighborhood all dressed up, chasing their friends who are also festive in witch and dinosaur costumes. Our kids are little, so as yet we can restrain them and make trick-or-treating a 45 minute activity after dinner and almost immediately before bed. They are not yet dumping all their candy on the floor as soon as they get home and attempting to negotiate each other out of peanut butter cups and snickers, like my sibs and I always did, but I am pretty sure that will start by next year. When we got home the big kids jumped around gleefully eating their two pieces, and our itsy Bitsy Jackie O’Lantern pushed a wooden walker and played fill-and-spill with the Halloween bubbles. This year I gave out goldfish and little Halloween-themed bubbles the size of the ones you might get at weddings. They were surprisingly well-received. I cannot speak for Dr. Awesome, but I didn’t eat a single piece of Halloween candy on Halloween night.

November first is the Feast of All Saints (aka all Hallows) and Bear got to pick her favorite saint to dress up as in the parade around school. She was St. Anne, primarily because she wanted to carry a baby doll to be baby St. Mary and tell everybody she was the grandmother of Jesus. Boo was too little to dress up this year, and it’s probably a good thing, because when his bossy big sister kept pestering him by calling him “St. Joachim, St. Joachim! Boo that’s you, you get to be my husband St. Joachim. St. Joachim!” he got peeved and declared at the top of his voice, “NO! I’m NOT St. Joachim! I’m St. GOD with an esspensive violin!”

Sometimes, I think even the angels are laughing.

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