The Worth of Flower Arranging

After 29 long years of life (…crickets…) I have finally gotten to a point where I can say, Yes, the flowers are worth the money.

My husband is wonderful but he is not exactly thoughtful about the “little things” that brighten up a woman’s day… flowers, candy and gemstones. I was spoiled by a previous romance that included flowers once a week, and I used to spend a significant amount of our relationship encouraging Dr. Awesome to be more romantic. I wrote him lists such as “Acceptable Gifts and Their Occasions” as inspiring reminders ahead of holidays, anniversaries, or Saturdays. I dropped hints so large you’d need a crane to lift them.

But for all his goodness and my good intentions, these lists were really getting us no where. Holidays came and went and we would exchange birthday gifts like this: I surprised him with a $100 bottle of wine, a leather wallet, an amazing homemade three-layer chocolate cake and a surprise party with all his friends; he surprised me with soap and a bag of coffee. Seriously.

OK, I admit, this was all before kids (back when he was a lowly grad student and I was his Sugar Mama), and these days the gifts are more like one book from Mommy, twelve  books or toys from the kids who are giving Daddy their own stuff wrapped up just for the joy of giving– but clearly the kids have inherited my sense of go-big-or-go-home giving, because they painstaking wrap dozens of board books and toys for the birthday boy or girl to open. (In homemade wrapping paper or Mommy’s cloth napkins, of course.)

These days I have come to the point where I buy myself flowers, because nobody was happy while I was sitting around waiting for my husband to think of it.

Arranging the flowers makes me happy. Seeing them makes me happier. I keep them going for as long as I can by pulling out dead blooms and moving the survivors to a smaller vase with fresh water. Trader Joe’s makes this pretty affordable almost once a week. Even now when I am experiencing that money-hemorrhage of just having moved, I’ve got about three weeks of flowers for free because God has blessed me with a big bunch of Black Eyed Susans next to the house. But even at $10 a week on a tight grocery budget, it’s worth it. It’s worth it to give yourself some beauty and happiness.

Seeing the flowers on the table really does make me happy. It provides a brightness and beauty in my day, which I seriously need. Sometimes Often Usually the only clean surface in the whole house is the dining table, with flowers in the middle. It gives me a place to look when I want to tear my hair out over something I’ve just tripped on, stepped in, or witnessed as a result of my kids.


Finding the toddler in the middle of the table becomes less nerve-wracking and more enjoyable when there are flowers involved… she’s also “arranging.”

We all need beauty in our lives, and we all need nature. I believe this is because God created us for it, but for whatever reasons you ascribe it, it holds true. Are you getting your daily dose of beauty? Because you deserve it.


2 thoughts on “The Worth of Flower Arranging

  1. I love love love this post! From another woman who has a horrible gifter for a hubby….I totally get it. Every woman deserves flowers in her life, even if she has to pick them herself! 😉

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