Our Whole30 Day 2

For us, Day 2. For the Church at large, the Feast of St. Blaise. With all this bony meat on the Whole30, it’s a good idea to get your throat blessed.

So we skipped “Doughnut Sunday,” and our children hate us.

Seriously, I understand how people feel that a program like this crimps one’s social style. But we didn’t really want to go and watch Sally eat two and Pete steal three doughnuts, and then literally chase them with a broom to get them to help clean up. The trade-off from socializing with doughnuts after Mass is a massive sugar crash for all of us, and a refusal on the part of my children to eat any other food until dinner.

This didn’t sit well with the kinder, of course, who were expecting their glaze-covered joy. But since it was the first sunny day in a while, the playground was a great distraction. And then they ate a healthy lunch. Go team Mom and Dad!

The Mom and Dad in question, by the way, had moderate headaches while all this whining was going on. If you read the original Whole30 book, there is a brief timeline of what to expect on the program. Days 2 and 3, apparently, are your sugar/grain/alcohol hangover days, and the layer of hell to which you are assigned corresponds directly to the extent of your gluttony before beginning the program. I wasn’t so convinced this would happen. But happen it did, at least in small part. So that’s interesting.

Plenty of water seems to have mitigated the headaches, although now I have to contend with quite a different pain. I slipped on the stairs today and took them straight to the tailbone, all the way down. I am grateful I didn’t twist my ankles and that our metal Munchkin baby gate broke my fall. Ibuprofen is definitely on this Whole30.

And for those interested, today we had a sausage, egg, and vegetable breakfast bake. We told the kids it was quiche, which they love, but they didn’t buy it. I gave them peanut butter toast. Lunch was tuna salad in lettuce cups and cashews, which they mostly gobbled up (it turns out, Pete will eat lettuce if copious amounts of mayonnaise are involved, and Sally will eat lettuce if I let her hop around the dining room pretending to be a bunny). Dinner was roast boneless leg of lamb with fennel, baked acorn squash, and canned green beans, because Pete won’t eat them any other way.

So today was a fine day. But today didn’t involve six pizzas and a sheet cake coming to my house. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.


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