Friday the (Whole30) 13th

Day 13. And to call it Friday the 13th is fitting, because this is the first day I just want to say THIS SUCKS!

Well, maybe not entirely. But pretty much.

So I haven’t posted any recaps in the last week of my Whole30, and it’s just because I’ve been too busy with momlife and freelancing. (Gotta put that grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free fare on the table. With “NO BEANS!”) It’s been a wonderful week and I have to say, compared to the “timeline of ugh” described in the Whole30 book, I have been sailing through my Whole30.

I’m still not feeling that elusive spring of energy I’ve been promised, but I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot about myself, my eating habits, and my relationship with food.

And the scale. I am not kidding you, I miss the scale more than I miss bread, cheese, and chocolate. In fact, I basically don’t miss bread, cheese, or chocolate. How messed up is that?

I still turn to carbs when I am stressed. Bad day? Hello, Banana. Screaming children? Well, how do you do, Sweet Potato? Can I introduce you to my good friend, Almond Butter? Munch munch.

Obviously, while it’s the food-as-crutch relationship I entered into this Whole30 hoping to fix, I am only kinda sorta fixing it. I find myself now, when stressed or achy, still craving food, but craving the Whole30 foods (particularly nuts and sweet potatoes, although yesterday during what must have been some sort of rare cosmic event like hell freezing over, I found myself craving and then eating half a bag of leafy greens). So while this isn’t really solving the food-as-emotional-fix problem, it is kind of a win. Because come on: Momma stuffs her stressed out face with a bag of leafy greens? Aren’t they full of natural goodness to help ease said stress, or something?

Herbal tea has also become my new best friend.

But back to today’s general this-sucksiness. Today was the first day, even counting Pete’s party where my sugar junky hands were shaking for a taste of cake, that I seriously considered jumping ship. And it wasn’t for a particular food, but because of a general exhaustion (it’s Tech Week for Sally’s school play and she was up until NINE THIRTY last night, and so were the other two, just to spite us!) and achiness. (I am still waiting for my backside to get over that fall down the stairs Feb 3rd, and yesterday was my first good workout in two weeks.)

SO I texted my sponsor– just kidding, the friend who’s done this before who convinced me to try it in the first place– bemoaning my bad mood. Then I had a banana and some leftover parsnips and Bitsy and I crawled into bed to cuddle.

I do feel better. Perhaps the carbs helped.

But probably the cuddling was the curative.



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